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Maidenhead is a town in the Thames Valley about 25 miles west of London making it a popular location for commuters to live. It's a nice town, but like most towns in the 1970's, it suffered at the hands of the town planners and was disected by dual carriageways. The result of this was the loss of many town centre residential streets, a church (St Pauls) and some park space. You can do a Google search for sites that cover the usual history and modern facilities that the town offers, but this page is my own little tribute to the the town I have called home since 1975. There are many things for Maidenhead to be proud of and a couple of record breaking places, so here is my:
Maidenhead Top 10
Ray Mill Island. We are lucky to have such a lovely island in the town. Used by loads of people on warm summer weekends. It has a small aviary and animal collection, and the above view is from the end of the island looking out over the weir.
Maidenhead railway station. Built in 1871 and soon to be put on the map as the terminus for Crossrail. The only thing I don't like the thought of is overhead line equipment, which will look awful.
Brunel's Sounding Arches. The arches are the longest brick span bridge arches in the world. This bridge is taking more weight and traffic then Brunel could ever have thought, and it still stands strong.
My favourite tree. This is a London Plane tree in Kidwells park in the centre of Maidenhead. It is colossal in size, lovely to stand under and look up (a pic of this is in the mish). I hope it stays for many years to come.
Boulters Lock. Made famous in books and films. This was one of the most popular places to be in summers of old.
War Memorial. Every town should be proud of their memorial.
Maidenhead bridge. This Georgian bridge, built in 1777, brought the town prosperity with the coaching trade and led to many inn's being built in the town.
Clivedon. This famous estate spreads along the whole ridge giving great veiws over the town and surrounding countryside.
Commonwealth Wargraves Commission. This is the headquarters for maintaining the records of the grave sites of every british and commonwealth soldier that has died in battle or of wounds received in battle.
Maidenhead football ground has the distinction of being the oldest continually used football ground in the world. Much of the ground is original.
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