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All along the old railway you can see the old fencing, some of which is in remarkably good condition. There are also original gate posts from the old level crossings, and foot crossing posts with the old emblems. Bits of old rails sticking out of the ground, and a small amount of bits and bobs left behind near the Treadaway HIll level crossing which I believe is to do with the signal that was there, but I am in the process of identifying it.
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These posts are at the old occupation crossing near Soho Mill.
The rail used in this is the old broad guage rail from the 1840's.
These fence posts are visible in the picture of the railway in front of the M40 .
Fence posts at the back of the office on Boundary Road..
The single core black cable.
Detail at the base of the post.
This is a post in the ground at the Treadaway Hill site . These pictures show a catenary wire and some black cable which I am guessing is telegraph wire. The black cable is a single core. Click on the pic above to see a picture that  shows the location of this post. If you look to the left of the level crossing, far side of the tracks, you will see 3 posts. This post, painted white, is the left most post and has what appears to be a ladder going up to it. This could be the reason for the flange.
This is an angled flange in a concrete base. It might be the bolting bracket for a ladder.
There are many GWR fence posts along the old line.
An old gate post at Bowden Lane.
Previously listed as an unknown object at Treadaway Hill, it has now been identified as a possible base of a signal post.
And a bit of the old BR fence.
The other one.
One of two boundary fence posts still standing at the site of Cores End level crossing.
This object at Treadaway Hill is the base for a set of points where the rodding would be.
This object at Treadaway Hill is the base for a set of points where the rodding would be.