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Wooburn Green Station
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Onwards in our journey along the old branch line There are very few pictures of the railway along the stretch from the M40 to Wooburn Green. The line was basically straightish with an occupation / foot crossing next to the golf course and a level crossing over Juniper Lane. A study of old ordnance survey maps have revealed nothing substantial along the way. So we pick it up near Wooburn Green.
Here we see a 19th century view of Wooburn Green with the railway running across the foreground and into the station which is the building on the right edge of the picture. Notice no barriers or anything at the crossing.
This wonderful picture shows a DMU drivers eye view of the approach to Wooburn Green station and Whitepit Lane level crossing.
This is a view from the chalk pit in Whitepit Lane, looking back towards the station area. The station is behind the large tree, but we can see the large goods shed at the right hand edge.
Here we have a group being attended to by the station porter.
This extract from a 1925 ordnance survey map shows the track layout at the station. The signal box on the platform is away from the level crossing which I would have thought to be quite unusual. There is a large goods shed with a through track and a small access ramp for wagon loading. Again it shows the extent of a small country station and the reliance on the railways for the transportation of goods.
The two pictures above shows the shunting yard at Wooburn Green. We can't see from this pic whether the goods shed was still there at this time. Incidentally, this is the same train that appears in the Maidenhead to Marlow section at Cookham station.
The two pictures above show the final days of the station before and after track lifting. There is now a housing estate on the site, appropriately named Old Station Way. In the picture on the right, notice how the old level crossing has been graded out and resurfaced.
This Google Earth image shows quite well the area the station used to occupy. You can see the tree lined trackbed widen to encompass the area shown in the above map.