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Loudwater Station
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This nice colour pic shows a freight train on the track between Spring Lane bridge and Bridge Bank Close bridge, taken in 1965.
The same train, running bunker first, hands over his token for single line working, to the Loudwater signalman.
Loudwater station in its heyday of 2 platform working with a passing loop.
This picture from 1895 shows wagons in the goods yard, which was quite substantial for a branch line station.
The above ordnance survey map from 1925 shows the extent of the sidings, including a loco shed. Interestingly, the passing loop is there but no 2nd platform. (sorry about the bad joining of the 2 maps)
The set of four pictures above show the final days of Loudwater station. The two on the left show the track as it goes under the M40. This whole site is now a small industrial estate, which is a shame as Loudwater is a pretty village and it's a bit of an eyesore. Perhaps if the railway was reinstated, the estate could make way for a small station and plaza area. I'm sure the locals would prefer it.
This picture shows the railway after it has left Loudwater station. The houses in this picture are still there, however the view would be blocked by the M40. The track on the right is the track in the tunnel of the previous pictures. Image courtesy of the High Wycombe Society.
Above we see the railway about 100 yards further on, after the M40 tunnel, where it runs high up on the embankment that runs along Boundary Road. The fencing in this picture is still there, and a few old relics now lie amongst the undergrowth. The next foot crossing is just to the right out of picture.
Out of Fennells Wood and into Loudwater Station.
Here we have the railway running to parallel to Boundary Road. Wooburn Green is down along the track to the right. The M40 would now dominate this picture in the background.