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Wycombe to Bourne End Disused Line
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This page shows the railway from aerial photos taken in the 1930's & 1960's and I have placed a few photos around each aerial shot. The idea behind the coloured square on each photo is to locate it to the corresponding coloured square in the aerial photo. All of these aerial photos are courtesy of Bucks County Council SWOP website in partnership with Bucks Free Press. They have 17,000 images available to veiw.
The picture above shows the old station at Wycombe. I believe it was demolished and some of it is now under platforms of the current station.
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Following the old line with aerial photo's as far as we can, then with old photo's.
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Looking to where the bridge over Gordon Road used to be.
Where the overline bridge used to be. The aerial shot shows just how diverse the terrain in Wycombe can be.
Where the line crossed the A40.  This was the longest bridge on the line.
Looking from the top of the embankment.
Bowden Lane bridge is the only brick arch underline bridge left intact.
Above Bowden Lane bridge, this is the best preserved part of the line.
Only the abutment remains of Bassetsbury Lane bridge.
The line branches away from the main line to begin it's journey to Loudwater. This picture shows the extreme terrain in Wycombe. It must have been quite an incline into the station.
The abutment at Spring Lane where the bridge once stood.
Spring Lane bridge as it once was.
Abbey Barn Lane overline bridge from the Wycombe side.
Abbey Barn Lane bridge again from the Loudwater side.
The foot crossing in Kingsmead Road.
This map shows the line reaching the south side of town at Wycombe Marsh.
This pic gives a really good view of Abbey Barn bridge. It's overgrown a lot now. There is also a loco on the track near Spring Lane bridge.
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The picture above shows the original IKB designed station. Later it was turned into a goods shed and sadly is now a tyre centre.
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This shot shows the foot crossing really well and where it went. 
This shot shows Spring Lane bridge. 
The railway is in the top right portion of this photo, showing it as it disappears into Fennells Wood. It comes out of this wood straight onto Treadaway Hill level crossing. 
Loudwater station looks a bit lost amongst the turmoil surrounding the M40 construction. This picture is from 1968 so the station was in use with 2 years left.