This Gibralter Ape seems to be giving me the evil eye......well, I guess he gets fed up with the tourists. There was a legend that says if there were no apes left on Gibralter, the British would lose it.
This beautiful looking little cemetary is at the end of Main St in Gibralter and is the last resting place for some of the sailors who died in the battle of Trafalgar.
This is the view from the highest lookout in the mountains overlooking Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol. You access it via a cable car.
At the cable car station there is also a falconry centre. This is a Red Kite that landed on the walkway behind me. He was probably looking at the inner workings of the lens as it focused on him.
There is a wonderful little park in Benalmadena called Paloma Park. It has a fantastic cactus garden, which has a whole range of different plants. This is one of them.
While I was taking this pic a bee flew in.
This is a view of the lake in Paloma Park. It's a great place and probably one of the few green spaces on the Costa del Sol that isn't a golf course.
The park has a large population of free roaming chickens. They don't appear to be for any reason other then to enjoy themselves in the sun.
Well, if you're in Spain....why not have a siesta. These goats also live in the park, however they are in an enclosure.
Some of the lake residents. There is a large water fowl population as well as large carp and terrapins.
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